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Information Security Awareness Program

Information security awareness is an ongoing process of learning that is meaningful to recipients and delivers measurable benefits to the organisation from lasting behavioural change. Developing effective awareness program is time consuming process especially if you do not have the right resources.

We can help you in and each of every step, work with your resources or as a turnkey solution.

Some of the areas we can assist you;

Identify the areas to focus on
Define levels of the program
Build the content based on the levels
Provide alternative ways to rollout the content
Determine the best methods to follow
Support during and after the rollout
Provide progress report
Measure the success of the program

It is important to bring information security awareness messages right to the end users. We recommend using promotional materials during the program rollout, such as:

Online or instructor led Training
Workshops and QA sessions for critical groups
Posters for common places
Portal to have centralized location
Promotional items, suc as calendars, pens, etc.

Interesting security facts, good security habits and quiz questions and answers takes attention of the users and provide repetitive learning. Animations are also very effective to elevate interest and encourage attentiveness.

Contact us today to discuss our complete awareness management program.