By Rita Trudeau, PMP, PMI-SP

We all go through a period of adjustment after the summer. Between vacation, trips, camps, friends and family get-togethers, there is a certain let down coming into the fall season.

Here are some tips on transition from holidays to work:

Allow time to get caught up, not get caught in it

Give yourself a couple of days and pace yourself. Catching up on calls, emails and getting the current status of your assignments and projects. "One of the reasons why some of us can get in a funk is because we return to work full bore — it's the same syndrome as getting a cold or flu in the first week of your holidays," says Dr Meredith Fuller, a Melbourne-based psychologist.

Review and set realistic goals

You may need to adjust project timelines and budgets now that the team is back in full force and the reality of the project progress may not as expected. What are the key priorities at this time?

Be creative.

After a relaxing break we tend to be more creative. You may have experienced this during a vacation as well. What do you need to change to make a difference? Brainstorm and involve the team to change it up a bit. Your positive attitude will be noticed and can influence others. Keep the rejuvenation going after the break!

Have a wanderful fall!