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Education within the workplace is an important part of the organization growth. It allows employees to adapt to changing styles in their profession and  have the necessary education to be promoted within their organization.



Traditional classroom sessions (either in-house or off-site) provide a platform for highly engaging, interactive discussion and case studies. Classroom courses usually consist of lectures by a highly trained instructor, interactive case studies, assignments and personal support during the course and often on-going support after the classroom which can be especially important for exam preparation trainings. Classroom courses may be public courses (participants may be from several organizations) or a private course which can be customized specifically for your business.


Virtual Classroom

Virtual classroom training is classroom training delivered over the web by an instructor who is not in the same room (or maybe not even in the same city) as the students.  These courses consist of lectures by a trained instructor with an opportunity to ask questions of the instructor and to participate in discussions with other students. It is an ideal training environment for those companies whose employees may be at different physical office locations, for organizations who  run with a virtual office environment and to provide training  for organizations without the additional cost of traveling expenses/meals etc.



eLearning provides  a self-paced environment for training. It can be self learning or instructor based. eLearning courses can be taken at home, on the road, at work during either scheduled times or randomly  whenever your schedule permits.  Employees can be trained at a pace that suits the individual, This is a valuable way to provide a  cost effective,  flexible training environment  for one or more employee.

Some other benefits are:

Self-paced - e-learning programs can be taken when needed.
Faster - Individualized approach allows learners to skip modules they already know and move onto the next they need training on.
Consistent - e-learning eliminates the problems associated with different instructors teaching slightly different material on the same subject.
Flexible – It can be access from any location and any time.
Improved retention - The combination of multimedia and instructional design can produce a very rich learning experience that is repeatable. 
Personalized learning – e-learning allows learners to control the pace, order of the modules, and repeat as much as they need to.

Last but not least it is very cost effective!

Different styles of training will work in different organizations and  even for different trainings within the same organization.  Your organization may require  a combination of training styles to provide the best training for your staff.

Wareness in conjunction with ITpreneurs can provide the best combination of trainings, either off-site or inhouse classroom,  virtual classroom, eLearning or a blended model customized training for your organization.

Contact us today to discuss options available to your whole organization.