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Decision Analysis & Problem Solving

In partnership with Kepner-Tregoe®, ITpreneurs offers the Kepner-Tregoe Foundation and Advanced courses which introduces a systematic approach to troubleshooting and resolving customer issues faster and more effectively for improved customer satisfaction. No more “trial and error”. Structured critical thinking techniques help organizations to make better decisions and proactively analyze and avoid problems.

Courses and Certifications

Kepner-Tregoe Foundation Course

Kepner-Tregoe Advanced Problem Management Course

Kepner-Tregoe Advanced High Severity Incident Management Course


Cited as a Best Practice by ITIL®

The Kepner-Tregoe methodology is recommended by ITIL as a best practice for problem analysis in their official Service Operation publication. Central to the Foundation course is a thorough examination of the Kepner-Tregoe problem analysis method and a step-by-step process of problem solving. The four fundamental KT processes (Situation Appraisal, Problem Analysis, Decision Analysis and Potential Problem Analysis) are covered in the course. They enable professionals to apply a common step-by-step approach to troubleshooting.

“When I was considering joining this program, I was grappling with the following question, ‘Why does it seem that there are so many gaps between what companies know they should do, and what they actually do?’ This question has intrigued me for a very long time. Indeed, visions of past successes and failures suggest clearly that the key issue, when planning for the future, is to generate consensus on what the future will look like, then plan for success and make the change stick. Having gone through the program, I have learned how to deal with these types of issues more effectively.” Tariq Elsadik, BIE Consulting, Dubai UAE.

ITIL provides a clear set of definitions around problem and incident management. KT processes answer the “How” to tackle these problems and incidents.

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