Lunch and Learn Sessions

Sessions are designed to introduce new subjects to organizations in a short time frame! If you are not sure a methodology or a process will work on your environment, within your team or senior management, it might be better to have an introductory session during your lunch. It is a cost effective and time saver solution.

We have developed our Lunch & Learn sessions in a way that it can be customized easily. You will always have the option to design a brand new topic just for your needs.

At large, Lunch & Learn sessions allow you to have valuable training experiences for your team with less interference in their productive work time!

Keep in mind that it does not need to be during lunch hours. We can schedule a Lunch & Learn session at any time of the day. Duration is time boxed to one hour. If you wish, we can extend the session to longer than an hour or turn it into ½ day workshop.

In addition, if you like our style and the topic, we can schedule it as a series to keep interest and attention of attendees at its highest.

For more information, contact us.