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Our workshops are fully customized based on your needs. These accelerated workshops are used to quickly bring single-focused project teams or departments up to speed with the context of the current initiatives. We will design and deliver a workshop that is coordinated with your organization's training department, allowing students to understand the context and see the big picture.

Some of our pre-developed workshops:

Project Management 101 - 1 day & 7 PDU

Fundamentals of Project Management - 1 day & 7 PDU

Managing Projects Successfully - 1 day & 7 PDU

Project Management Principles - 1 day & 7 PDU

Enterprise Risk Management Maturity Model - 2 days & 14 PDU

Communication Management - 1 day & 7 PDU

Project Management Methodologies - 2 days & 14 PDU

Traditional vs Agile Project Management - 1/2 day & 4 PDU

Portfolio vs Program vs Project Management - 1/2 day & 4 PDU

These one and two days workshops are intended to provide you with an introduction to Project Management and prepare you for more advance concepts in future workshops. The discipline of Project Management can be described as a process of combining people, techniques and systems to complete a project within established goals.

Applying the Project Management process will help you to reduce risk, make it easier to get more done with less effort, and produce more consistent and predictable results. These principles are valuable for anyone who contributes to, leads, or initiates projects.

Contact us today to discuss our customizable workshops and group discounts.