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Advanced Kepner-Tregoe Workshop for Problem Management

Advanced Troubleshooting Skills for Problem Management

Further training in the Kepner-Tregoe approach to customer issue troubleshooting and resolution is offered in a two-day Advanced Workshop. The workshop is designed to enable participants to apply the concepts learned in the Kepner-Tregoe Foundation course, which is a pre-requisite for attending.

The workshop is ideal for anyone who requires a deeper understanding of Kepner-Tregoe methodology in order to apply it in their daily roles to enhance Incident and Problem Management performance, and is well-suited to Problem Managers and Incident Managers. Take the next step in maximizing your critical thinking skills for improved service performance

Course Description:
This course is designed exclusively for learners who have successfully completed the KT Foundation course and is the next step in developing expertise in the area of Problem
Management towards becoming a high performance “trouble-shooter”.

Participants will have already learned an overview of the core KT skills— Situation Appraisal, Problem Analysis, Decision Analysis and Potential Problem Analysis. During the KT Problem
Management workshop they will be introduced to additional Problem Analysis skills to find root cause:
- The use of ‘Distinctions and Changes’—a critical approach in isolating causes of complex problems

- Solving Start-up Problems—often times the toughest to solve

- Solving Recurring Problems—they drive up your incident volume and negatively impact your customer satisfaction

- ‘Think Beyond the Fix’—move from reactive to proactive problem management

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About Kepner-Tregoe:

Founded in 1958, the Princeton, New Jersey-based Kepner-Tregoe is the international leader in developing critical thinking skills. Kepner-Tregoe is a global leader in improving business performance through proprietary organizational transformation and troubleshooting methodologies.

This proven methodology has been used to maximize service performance at global organizations, such as NASA, IBM, Sun Microsystems, RIM and Siemens.