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Risk Management Maturity Model

Establishing maturity model to define how risk will be managed through out the program / project will increase the rate of the success!

Maturity model covers the lifetime of the Project Risk Management activities. It provides information on roles, responsibilities, processes and procedures, standards, tools, facilities and documentation to be produced. It sets the context in which risks are managed, in terms of how they will be identified, analyzed, controlled, monitored and reviewed.

It must be consistent and comprehensive with processes that are embedded in everyday management:

Does the model identify relevant standards, policies and legal requirements?

Does the model identify (or validate) the context and perspective for the situation (e.g. strategic, operational)?

Which stakeholders’ views are of primary importance?

Are the stated management of risk objectives, constraints and concerns agreed (or validated)?

Has the model established how a successful outcome is to be judged?

Does the model identify the tools and techniques to be adopted?

Does the model identify the scale for evaluation of risk?

It is important to be clear about what you want from risk management, to understand how it fits into your organisation’s other processes and to tailor your approach to suit. Our experienced team can help you to choose which course or workshop(s) is right for your team and organization.

If you want to learn more about please contact us or visit our Risk Management page for available trainings and workshops.