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Team Building

Audience: This Team Building training session has been put together to help develop participants’ team working skills. It will help them define a common goal, understand how they want to work together as a team and create an understanding of the behaviors required to develop better team performance.

Course Duration:

Full day course - All topics would be included in the one day course

Half day course - We could customize this course for a 1/2 day and provide the topics most appropriate for your needs

 Course Topics:

1. Team Health Check - This is delivered initially as pre-course work for full day participants. It helps participants focus on key areas of development within their teams

2. Purpose and Direction of the Team - Helping the team develop a clear understanding of what it is they are trying to achieve whilst focusing on further team improvements

3. Team Leadership - Sensitively looks at the issue of leadership within the team and what can be done to improve this area. Also highlights the importance of supporting the leaders of the team through honesty and strong communication

4. Understanding Team Differences - Helping the team to value team differences and learn how to make the most of the skills, abilities and styles. It specifically highlights what individuals are willing to work towards for the betterment of the team

5. Team Processes - Identifying the important team processes, where there can be improvements and what can be done to ensure the processes are working for the team rather than the other way round.

6. Team Communication - A challenging activity that helps the team focus on the importance of everyone having input, being heard and being open and honest. There is also a review of key communication skills and what makes for positive communication.

7. Relationships - A summarizing session that works to apply the outputs from the day into actionable statements that the participants commit to.


At the end of this team building training course, your participants will be able to:

1. Appreciate team skills and dynamics

2. Identify and develop personal skills to become a more effective team member

3. Establish effective team processes Improve team communication

4. Demonstrate skills that help you to implement effective changes in the workplace