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Christine is a transformational coach and strategic thinker who can take broad visions, concepts or plans to develop structured enabling platforms. She has authored courses on project management, risk management, collective intelligence, and power skills - making her uniquely qualified for organizations as they go through their transformation journey. She's also often speaking at conferences and events about how technology is changing our lives now and future!

Entrepreneur, consultant, professor (graduate and undergraduate programs), and master trainer. Certified and accredited as Instructor for ITIL® v4, HiFFi, Lean IT, DASA DevOps, SCRUMstudy, HDI, Knowledge Management, Design Thinking, Business simulations from Glumin, GamingWorks, ExperiencePoint, SAFe, RESILIA®, COBIT®, Big Data, ISO 20000, and ISO 27002. DASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association) appointed him in February 2018, as Ambassador for Mexico and LATAM, to represent them locally and globally, participating in regional platforms and events.

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