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What is Collective Intelligence and how can you use it to benefit your team?

Learn how to use Collective Intelligence to increase efficiency and productivity in your organization!

Why should you care about collective intelligence? It’s important because it can help unlock transformation for your company or team.
You don’t want to be stuck with old routines and patterns that won’t get the results we need! To really thrive as an organization of tomorrow – one which operates using insights from diverse perspectives- collective intelligence is a key factor. By including a diverse range of participation, we can bring all team members to a collective wisdom state to create real transformation.

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Learn the Non-Technical Side of DevOps

Wondering if you’re keeping up with the latest trends in the business world?

Are you looking to learn about DevOps Transformations but don't know where to start? Are you interested in how to adopt DevOps practices and transform your organization? If so, look no further! DevOps has been described as a movement or philosophy that stresses the importance of collaboration and communication between developers and operations teams. This e-learning course is designed to explain the non-technical side of DevOps.

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Agile Project Management Office (APMO)

The Benefits of Becoming an Agile Organization!

There are many benefits to becoming an agile organization, such as increased productivity and efficiency, better customer satisfaction, and improved organizational agility. But making the shift to agile can be difficult, and it’s not always clear how to get started. In this eLearning, you will learn how to apply agile concepts to transform your organization into an Agile PMO. With this knowledge, you can help your team or organization achieve better results and improve communication and collaboration.

Register today and start on your Agile journey!

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    DASA DevOps Coach Program

    'I found the DASA DevOps Transformation Coach course to be very insightful. It has taught me how to mentor and coach others in a DevOps environment and gave me a better understanding of the principles behind DevOps. The exercises included in the course were also very helpful in getting a better understanding of the material. Overall, I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get into DevOps or simply wanting to learn more about the topic.'

    - Jakob Diness, Digital Advisor at DXC, Denmark

    DASA DevOps Coach Program

    ‘DASA DevOps Transformation Coach program was inspirational and is a unique global certification program for DevOps Coaches. I like the way that this program highlights Coaching and softer skills as DevOps often remains “stuck” at a technical and tool level. It makes it strong by including aspects of coaching as defined by ICF.’

    - Anu Ravi, Agile Coach at ANZ & The winner of The Leadership Agility Award

    DASA DevOps Coach Program

    'The DASA DevOps Coach program provides the type of insightful information and behaviours that can impact the success of teams and organizations. I was coached by Christine Aykac, the learning strategist that awakened my dormant knowledge about coaching and provided interesting and thought-provoking discussions about the DASA Principles of Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting, and Facilitating success.'

    - Denise Herrera Jackson, CEO, Farrell Haynes Associates Inc.

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