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DevOps and Agile Skills Development

Learning and practicing Agile mindset and DevOps behavior takes time. We can help you with your learning needs.

The Essential Role of the DevOps / Agile Coach

What is DevOps Coaching exactly, why are organizations investing in this and why is it working?


A Virtual Gathering for IT Leaders Worldwide - Tuesday, September 1, 2020

2 Minutes to find out your skill gap!

Take the DASA DevOpsCompetence Quickscan to see if you have the skills to work on a DevOps team. The scan contains 24 questions and your results are immediately visible.

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'DASA DevOps Coach program was inspirational and is a unique global certification program for DevOps Coaches. I like the way that this program highlights Coaching and softer skills as DevOps often remains “stuck” at a technical and tool level. It makes it strong by including aspects of coaching as defined by ICF.'
Anu Ravi, Agile Coach at ANZ and the winner of The Leadership Agility Award (2019, by World Agility Forum)

'The DASA DevOps Coach program is a concise training program based on international Coaching Standards and the most current DevOps Practices. Participants will learn various Coaching models that will help them guide organizations towards high-performing DevOps teams.' Albert Mark, Business Consultant at Allianz

'There aren’t other programs like this one. It was clearly developed with a vision and current knowledge of the IT industry and its needs.' Luis J. Gómez Vázquez, Head of DevOps at KAIRÓS

'In any organisational change, it is of fundamental importance to guide, help, and facilitate the organisation in its transition. It has become abundantly clear that for any organisation to move over to a DevOps way of conducting business this help, guidance, and facilitation of a dedicated DevOps Coach is a bare necessity. DevOps Coach training is a great step in the right direction.' Liewke Wentholt, Owner at Inock SARL

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Our team is made up of industry professionals with many years of instructor experience.

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