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DASA DevOps Coach Program

‘DASA DevOps Coach program was inspirational and is a unique global certification program for DevOps Coaches. I like the way that this program highlights Coaching and softer skills as DevOps often remains “stuck” at a technical and tool level. It makes it strong by including aspects of coaching as defined by ICF.’

Anu Ravi, Agile Coach at ANZ

The winner of The Leadership Agility Award

‘Companies need to develop DevOps Coaches to help in the organizational transformation towards a high performing IT that helps their company to realize the value and achieve their goals. DevOps coaches help to improve teams and keep performing that way in a continual improvement way. It was insightful to know that DevOps Coaches can switch between four modes: coach, mentor, consultant, or facilitator, depending on the maturity of the teams they are coaching. Besides the learning and competencies obtained during the DASA DevOps Coach program, the bonds created amongst classmates and the sharing of knowledge made it an invaluable experience.’

Jorge Blanco, DASA Ambassador, Chief Reivention Officer at Glumin Networks and Knoco Mexico

‘The DASA DevOps Coach program is a concise training program based on international Coaching Standards and the most current DevOps Practices. Participants will learn various Coaching models that will help them guide organizations towards high-performing DevOps teams.’ Albert Mark, Business Consultant at Allianz
‘There aren’t other programs like this one. It was clearly developed with a vision and current knowledge of the IT industry and its needs.’

Luis J. Gómez Vázquez, Head of DevOps at KAIRÓS

‘In any organisational change, it is of fundamental importance to guide, help, and facilitate the organisation in its transition. It has become abundantly clear that for any organisation to move over to a DevOps way of conducting business this help, guidance, and facilitation of a dedicated DevOps Coach is a bare necessity. DevOps Coach training is a great step in the right direction.’

Liewke Wentholt, Owner at Inock SARL

PMP Exam Prep

I’ve had the pleasure of having Christine as my instructor for the Project Management preparation course. The course was an excellent online training course. … The test questions and mockup exams were very similar to what I had in my exam, and I found it helpful. Christine was very experienced, professional, and patient in explaining the concepts. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

Anastasia Konovalenko, PMP

I would like to say a huge thank you to Christine Aykac!! As a result of the 4-day PMP Exam Preparation Course offered by Wareness, I successfully passed my PMP exam on November 17th, 2019. I will definitely be recommending Christine’s training materials to my friends, colleagues, and any other acquaintances who are interested in gaining their PMP Certification!

Pelin Bayrakdar, PMP

I want to thank Christine, not for being a mentor or a guide or a trainer. She is all of that of course; but her love for the craft, her clarity of thoughts – slicing and dicing Project Management and the role of the PM and most importantly her genuine interest in seeing me succeed in my pursuit of PMP certification. Christine, I’m more than thankful for having known you. I did not have the luxury of time to take the exam and in such a situation the training you provided was clear and concise minus the fluff. A very refreshing approach to cracking this test. I’m thankful to you for this..!

Sirisha Mandava PMP

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