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Role, scope, and purpose of the Agile – DevOps Coach

The DevOps Coach is responsible for driving DevOps success and organizational performance.

As DevOps adoption grows, so does the need for DevOps coaches. DevOps coaches help organizations overcome the cultural challenges associated with DevOps adoption. DevOps coaches are responsible for helping organizations change their culture and mindsets to succeed with DevOps.

The DevOps coach is a relatively new role and one that is still evolving. The scope and purpose of the DevOps coach will vary from organization to organization, depending on the organization’s needs. In general, DevOps coaches help organizations with culture change, process improvement, tooling and automation, and measurement and feedback.

DevOps coaches typically come from a background in software development or operations. They have a deep understanding of DevOps principles and practices and are able to help organizations implement DevOps successfully.

The DevOps coach is critical in driving DevOps success and organizational performance. If you are looking to adopt DevOps in your organization, make sure you have a DevOps coach on your team!

What are we expecting to achieve?

The aim of the DevOps coach is to help organizations change their culture and mindsets in order to be successful with DevOps. DevOps requires a different way of thinking about and working with technology. It’s not just about the tools and processes but also about the people and culture.

As a result, DevOps coaches help to overcome the cultural dilemma by helping organizations to:

  • shift mindsets
  • change behaviours
  • improve communication
  • foster collaboration
  • create a learning environment

Keep in mind that DevOps success depends on organizations making these changes, and DevOps coaches play a critical role in helping to make this happen.

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